Let's start from the end, the final podium of the highly successful first edition of The Wall Extreme Race staged Sunday, August 30, 2015 at the Metzeler Offroad Park in Pietramurata in the province of Trento, Italy. On the top step of the podium we find the KTM Factory rider Jonny Walker that was able to give the best of themselves on a race track perfect for his driving characteristics, to follow but certainly not least the Husqvarna riders, Graham Jarvis second, and Alfredo Gomez, third.

His name was in the air for some time among the eligible candidates winners and so it was, Jonny Walker mades his the first edition of The Wall Extreme Race, proving himselfe since the first early morning phase of qualification the fastest rider. For the grand debut of THE WALL, the new event 100% enduro extreme that today we can say has been confirmed or perhaps exceeded the expectations of success, the organizers have designed two special test of highest level. The first, the Cross Test, inside of the International Motocross Track of Cyclamen, stage this year of the Worldwide of Motocross, lengthened and modified for the occasion with the addition of some particular obstacles as a series of concrete jersey to face in uphill and over the ramp of a jump. The Enduro test inide the Metzeler Offroad Park created to be covered in about 11 minutes was made very technical with passages typical of the trial so demanding as spectacular. Four the laps planned for this edition that saw, with a time of 59'50.32 Jonny Walker recorded the best time going to win three Enduro Test, at the second place we find the Italian Husqvarna rider Thomas Oldrati while the third place is for an another Italian rider Alex Salvini. Are not unfortunately missed also the accidents, the unfortunate protagonists are the Beta Factory rider Johnny Aubert that on the third lap of the Enduro Test retired because a blow to his left knee and Alessandro Battig that, again during the third round, fell after the straight sand but despite the blow failed he was able to conclude the fourth round by unplugging the pass for the evening stage.

After the thrilling qualifying phase in the morning comes the more adrenaline and exciting moment for the large public come to admire the best specialists and the best extreme enduro riders of the top enduro scene. Darkness falls and the spotlight get turned on the Metzeler Offroad Park "polished" for the main event of the evening and even on this occasion the organizers, the Sembenini brothers, Piero and Gino, and the family Trentini, drew an extreme test worthy of its name combining the speed and the technique of the traditional Enduro to the technical and the trialistic obstacles typical of the world of the Extreme Enduro. Jonny Walker after having astonished all the present during the morning phase breaks himself in his natural habitat, the extreme of the evening phase. The English rider seems of another planet and to try to ruin his plans of victory there are the Husqvarna riders Gomez and Jarvis. At the main event, the final, where only the top ten took part was incredibly exciting because all the eyes were on Jonny Walker's KTM and despite an error in the final stage right in THE WALL, the wall of stones located a few meters to the finish , the English rider with great technique and genius gave an incredible stroke of class, so going to record the best time and winning the first edition of THE WALL EXTREME RACE.

On Saturday evening on occasion of the "Night of fairy tale" in Riva del Garda the staff of THE WALL chartered a boat to do admire to the top riders and some sponsors the wonderful fireworks display, a touch of class that is certainly recognized to the entire organization of THE WALL to which goes a great deal of congratulation for the enthusiasm and professionalism put into the management of the entire event.

 Great success also of public for this first edition thanks to the location of the Metzeler Offroad Park in which has been possible to create a track that has allowed to the many enduro fans flocked to contemporarily see the three special tests without having to effect moves.

 The first edition of THE WALL EXTREME RACE license plate 2015 ended, the organizers and all the staff will gives to you good-bye at the next edition that will be held next year, always at the end of August.


The race was nice and I enjoyed it. Beautiful the choice of this race's format with two special tests, a cross and a enduro test during the morning. Also during the evening where the track was particularly suited to my driving characteristics I was able to express myself better and despite the fall in the final few meters to go I managed to win.


It was a good race, the first of this kind in which I participate. Exciting and spectacular the special test and the track in general until the end. Definitely happy with my second place.


The race was very beautiful, I also liked the format that was chosen. The extreme was different because it started one by one and not all together as usual. My problem today was that ididn't have gear because my suitcase was lose in the airport and even the lights of the bike were there. and but anyway i managed to run. Unfortunately I made a stupid mistake at the end of the last final slamming on a rock. I'll try again next year for sure. I am very satisfied with the work done by my team because we got to the race without any equipment but we managed to recover everything and run the same.


Very noce the format of the race, I really enjoyed perhaps the only advice I would give is to concentrate the whole race in the afternoon and evening to shorten downtime. Personally I have paid a lot to the level of bike because the path was very slow and very technical and with my set-up for the enduro race it was not easy, but I really enjoyed myself. I really think it was a good format of race and a nice event.

thewall finale